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We are the only company in the country to analyse Ofsted inspection reports to the level of actions and recommendations. That means that we are best placed to provide you with information about areas of practice that appear with frequency within RI and inadequate Ofsted inspection reports, and more specifically we can share actions and recommendations that occur in reports time after time, but how will that help you?  

If this is what we're giving away free - just image what we give to our members!

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  • Currently work as a consultant full or part-time
  • Need a small enterprise licence for 1-2 settings (£50.00 per annum
  • Need a medium enterprise licence for 3-5 settings (£60.00 per annum)
  • Need a large enterprise licence for 6-10 settings (£80.00 per annum)
  • Need a bespoke licence for 10+ settings.
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What do we do with our Ofsted research?
Each term we develop audit tools, briefing papers and documents that will help you to target professional development opportunities and to enhance your monitoring and self-evaluation activities.
This is what our members received just in autumn to help understand the changes made to the EIF.

- A cultural capital briefing paper

- A staff meeting template on cultural capital


- Jargon busters for the new Education Inspection Framework on the Quality of Education and on Leadership and Management


- A Characteristics of Effective Learning tracker


- Our inspections trends report on the first 250 reports to be published under the EIF 


- A discussion paper on behaviour and attitudes


And to end the year we published a new audit tool on "creating the right conditions for learning" to support the 2nd of our top trending inspection issues 'planning and challenge'