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E2EP© Induction

What is E2EP©

The term E2EP or End-To-End-Practice is used by Early Years Fundamentals to describe its innovative approach to setting improvement.


Our methodology is based on the work of Professor Michael E. Porter, who is the Director of Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness. Through his work on management and competitive advantage, we understand that an improvement journey needs to be much more than identifying what is and isn't working well and then taking action to fix our issues!

This process supports Leaders and Managers to analyse and interrogate activities within a specific area of practice, to examine their relationship with other elements of practice and analyse the value that it adds to what we do. This leads to more robust systems and processes which efficiently and effectively use staffing and setting resources.

What would I be signing up to?

We require 25 settings to trial each of our E2EP projects and their associated materials.

The process starts with an initial audit to understand the 'who, what, when where, why and how' of current practice. Together, we then investigate related academic literature, legislation and statutory guidance and analyse what this means for systems, processes and wider practice. 

Each project will take around a term and we'll use a closed social media group to share our learning and progress.

Each setting will be expected to return a progress log monthly and to complete evaluation materials which relate to the process and the support provided.

Those participating will have complete anonymity and any experiences and information you share, will only be used in final materials with your express permission.

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Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and you do not have to be a good or outstanding provider to take part. 

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