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What our members get

If you decide to become a member you’ll be given a password to the ‘Members Portal’ part of our website.

Here you’ll find the following:

Access to a growing number of audit tools, articles, and updates. Each term we will publish the hottest trending Ofsted issues and design/develop audits and articles in response to those issues. The audit tools don’t just provide a set of criteria to work from, they also provide some background information on why each question is important…so we’re not talking about putting a sticking plaster on practice to help you get through an inspection! This is about sustainable improvement.


One-offs. From time to time something significant happens in the sector. For example, in spring 2018 Ofsted withdrew their SEF template which caused a great deal of anxiety and confusion about what to put in its place for many providers. We designed a self-evaluation template which addressed many of the monitoring and evaluation issues that had been raised by Ofsted in previous terms. So when there is a significant change in the sector, you can count on us to develop something to support you.


Termly inspection reports. Each term we publish a more detailed set of inspection data than we release to our Facebook group. This is to help providers understand national trends in Ofsted actions and recommendations. We publish the top 10 trends every term but only deal with the top 4 in detail.


Keep the cost of professional development down


Access to a limited number of online learning opportunities. Sometimes an article, audit tool or report just isn’t enough to get to the bottom of our inspection issues so occasionally we produce an online learning module which will take no more than 75 minutes to complete. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t matter how many people you have in your setting, access is unlimited.

Discounted face-to-face training. Our members typically receive a discount of 25% off all face-to-face courses. There is also a discount on in-house training and consultancy! As a member, you have priority booking on any of our courses and we do not put a limit on the number of places you can access.

A-Z of Ofsted Issues. This document is worth its weight in gold. Every year we will publish the full range of significant Ofsted actions and recommendations that have appeared across the year. A summary of this document will be sent to every Head of Early Years and Childcare Services in the country, but our members will have access to the full document as part of their subscription.


Discounted Go2Guides. You may be wondering why our Go2Guides are not part of the membership package. The short answer is that Go2Guides are brand new and will only be developed when we feel that we need to provide some supplementary information and guidance, therefore we don’t know how many we’ll need to write. As we cannot guarantee how many we’ll produce it seems inappropriate to add this to our membership package. It could be as few as 2 a year! It depends on the trends and changes to legislation.


Additional benefits


We email all of our members when new content has been added to the site, so you don’t have to keep logging on to see if anything has changed. We also post a notification on Facebook.


Once something is uploaded to our library of resources it stays there, so there’s no need to print everything off as soon as it becomes available.


Periodically we will make changes to some of the documents/audits to reflect updated guidance and changes to legislation. We’ll indicate changes in a dedicated column so that you know when the changes were made and what those changes were. We’ll also update the ‘released’ date to reflect the fact that there have been changes. That way you know that you have access to the most up-to-date information.

Stay one step ahead!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Inspection Focus Forum, please email :

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