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About Us

Early Years Fundamentals Ltd is a research, training and consultancy company. It focuses on identifying and managing issues that affect outcomes for children and inspection outcomes.

Our vision
To provide excellent services that support leadership teams to:
- prepare children for life, not just for schools,
- develop high performing teams,
- deliver high quality provision that enables all children to flourish.

Our values

We believe in ethical consultancy.

  • We put the needs of children first in everything we do.

  • We do not seek to create a dependency culture, nor are we about the hard sell or the next sale. We aim to build capacity so that providers can improve practice for themselves.

  • We will always be honest in our feedback no matter how difficult the message, but we will be there to help you find a way forward when life is challenging.

  • We ensure that academic research and evidenced-based/informed practice underpins all aspects of our work.

  • We listen to and collaborate with our clients to achieve mutually agreed goals.

  • We value transparency, honesty and openness to foster respectful and sustainable relationships.

To ensure that we meet our values, consultants delivering services on behalf of EYF must:

  • have a specialism or have studied at postgraduate level in a specific early years related field,

  • have a good understanding of the sector and its challenges,

  • be able to adopt a collaborative consultancy methodology,

  • be able to provide honest feedback sensitively,

  • be able to practically apply academic knowledge without using a one-size-fits-all approach, 

  • want to develop authentic relationships and genuine connections with our clients.


Our purpose
EYF exists to support leadership teams:
- to improve outcomes for children (aged 0-5),
- to develop the capability, capacity and talents of their teams,
- to read the road ahead to successfully anticipate, navigate and manage change.

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