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The Virtual Early Years Advisor©

Supporting learning organisations to build confidence, capacity and consistency.

VEYA© is the UK's first virtual advisory service.

It has 3 elements:

  • Deep Dives (for group care) - unparalleled quality improvement support

  • Training - professional development on demand

  • Resources - support for leadership teams

Its unique approach means that you can seamlessly bring monitoring, self-evaluation and quality improvement activities together so that you can swiftly identify and target improvement priorities and inspection vulnerabilities.

Deep Dives



Arriving autumn term 2023

Want to know more about Deep Dives?

VEYA Deep Dives are revolutionising the way the early years sector accesses support…

Timely supported self-assessment that builds leadership confidence, capacity and professional knowledge, whilst proactively identifying and addressing regulatory vulnerabilities.

In stand-alone settings

A series of standardised audits that benchmarks settings within the group in order to identify strengths and weaker areas of practice in individual settings and/or across the company.

In nursery groups and chains through…

The provision of a self-sufficient research-based quality improvement programme that builds advisory capacity and highlights vulnerable settings, whilst supporting local authorities to meet their statutory duties.

In local authorities


The main criticism of self-evaluation materials is that we can only answer with the knowledge that we possess at that time…and sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know.
This means that after investing hours reflecting on the effectiveness of our systems, processes and practice we may go away wit
h the impression that practice and provision is a strength when there is still work to be done.

Short term roadmap for VEYA© Deep Dives

Deep Dives go well beyond normal monitoring and self-evaluation programmes because their in-depth approach will help you to:

  • Objectively identify your strengths and where provision could and should be developed,

  • Pinpoint breaches in legislation and/or inspection vulnerabilities,

  • Identify things that you didn’t know and/or things that weren’t on your radar,

  • Move practice forward with clear recommendations and a rationale for developments,

  • Look at your practice and provision in far more depth.

So, the programme will not only help you to identify your strengths and areas for development, but it will also broaden and/or deepen your understanding of legislation and research, when needed.


We plan to develop a set of Deep Dives for childminding colleagues in the near future.

Based on sound academic research


Deep Dives have been developed using grounded theory research which is a qualitative research method that draws new theories from the iterative collection and analysis of real-world data.

Contact us to find out more.

Babies in Playroom

Happy clients


“This well written resource has enabled our team to delve into and self-evaluate their practice in a systematic way without taking too much time away from their practice.

It generates a clear and concise report pinpointing where improvements can be made whilst strengthening knowledge and understanding of legislation.


Fantastic resource that I would recommend for all colleagues.”

E.S. - The Sunflower Group

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