The Virtual Early Years Advisor©

Supporting learning organisations to build confidence, capacity and consistency.

VEYA© is the UK's first virtual advisory service.

It’s the first programme of its kind to help you review what you do in detail without having to spend hours gathering evidence. It quickly works out where your strengths lie and where systems, processes and practice could be developed further with incredible accuracy. Its unique approach means that we can seamlessly bring monitoring, self-evaluation and quality improvement activities together so that you can swiftly identify and target improvement priorities and inspection vulnerabilities.

Recrutiment &
Suitable People

Keeping All Children Safe and Protection Vulnerable Children

Contains audits on:

Recruitment & Suitable People
Regulation & Legislation
Child Protection & Safeguarding Practices
Accidents & Incidents

It goes well beyond normal monitoring and self-evaluation programmes because its in-depth approach will help you to:


  • Objectively identify your strengths and where provision could and should be developed,

  • Identify things that you didn’t know, things that weren’t on your radar and and highlights inspection vulnerabilities,

  • Move practice forward with clear recommendations and a rationale for developments.

Something extra for
local authorites and nursery chains

The research base

Championing excellence through innovation

The main criticism of leader-led quality assurance and self-evaluation materials is that we can only answer with the knowledge that we possess at that time…and sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know. This means that after investing hours on self-evaluation activities there is a possibility that we may go away with the impression that practice and provision is a strength when there is still work to be done.


Our quality assurance framework has been designed to help you to objectively interrogate what you do and how you do it. Using best-fit judgements enables us to capture practice as it is and then to provide feedback that highlights and addresses potential gaps in knowledge. So, the programme will not only help you to identify your strengths and areas for development, but it will also broaden and/or deepen your understanding of legislation and research, when needed.