Support for Settings

What's available?

Team Meeting

Bespoke Training

If we can’t deliver it ourselves, we can usually source someone equally fantastic. We work with a fabulous group of specialist associate trainers and consultants, all of whom need to meet our values in order to work with us.


We scrutinise hundreds of Ofsted inspection reports (from front to back) every term to understand what the sector does well, to highlight issues that continue to challenge large numbers of settings, and more interestingly, we are able to identify when Ofsted’s focus has changed. Our research is shared through our subscription services, through articles and on our FB page.

Due Dilligance - Supporting Acquisitions

We support prospective buyers to understand where nursery practice and provision is a strength, where investment is likely to be needed and where there may be inspection vulnerabilities.

Quality Improvement Partners

We have many clients that we visit annually, termly or quarterly because they relish professional dialogue and constructive feedback. We also work closely with settings that are experiencing short-term difficulties.


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Kids in Preschool