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Take 5!

Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that practice is OK because we've answered all the questions we can think of.
We may read something about Ofsted trends and think...'I'm pretty sure we have that in hand'..........
But what if we don't?
What if we don't know what we don't know OR whether we're asking ourselves and staff the right questions?
What if the questions we've been asking ourselves don't drill down far enough to ensure consistency of practice across our staff team? 
What if we've made assumptions about what staff know and are doing because we talk about a particular aspect of practice all the time?
 Maybe we work in ratio so it is more difficult to see where some of our gaps lie.
Help is at hand!
Sometimes it's as simple as having someone who doesn't know anything about your setting to ask you questions that make you think about the effectiveness of your practice from a different angle! 

Challenge yourself and your team with just 5 questions!


Free mini audits now available to our Facebook group and our members.

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